Chart: Can You Still Work Your Way Through College?

Chart: Can You Still Work Your Way Through College?

# hrs required to cover tuition

Now we get a little bit of interactivity with our chart, thanks to the work of the good folks at PBS. It goes a long way to answering the question “Can You Still Work Your Way Through College?” with the ability to input some of your own data.

If you could, in fact, work your way through college it would in some sense be the easiest path to take. No scholarship applications to filter and fill in an already busy senior year of high school, no loan worries pinning you down in your early career, less college selection headaches, no threat from families and charities and other institutions to take certain coursework or make a certain GPA to merit their funding, no military stint in the Afghani desert hanging over you. So… how likely is it that a person can forego all of the above, select a school, and pay the bills through traditional employment income? Continue reading Chart: Can You Still Work Your Way Through College?

The Best of Both Worlds

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The Best of Both Worlds

We’ve seen statistical evidence (link, link) that students can no longer muster enough income for college by merely making minimum wage. To that end I have suggested by and large employment in the “results economy” as opposed to the more predictable but less lucrative “time and effort economy.” (link, link, link). But this option often fails to inspire students, who see self employment as a crapshoot. What of the student who wants a regular, steady paycheck and schedule while in college? Continue reading The Best of Both Worlds

Praying for Income

Praying for Income

beggar prayer

Perhaps it seems strange to include prayer as an income “strategy.”

Strange because nowhere in God’s word are we told we will receive monetary blessing beyond basic need if we pray for it. In fact, those closest to Jesus often suffered good doses of poverty and persecution. Our Savior, himself born in a barn and itinerant as an adult, often encouraged his followers to leave their worldly goods behind in pursuit of Him. Today his most ardent followers continue to suffer not in spite of their faith, but because of it.

Thus while it can’t hurt to pray for college income directly, don’t be surprised if these prayers remain unanswered or if God has other plans for you outside of the norm. Also, don’t be surprised that when the prayer does get answered positively, you see it fulfilled in ways other than a pile of hard cash on your doorstep. I prayed often about monetary concerns in college and each time I did God brought along work. While grateful all the same, I definitely didn’t have a Saturday of raking leaves in mind when pleading toward heaven about my dwindling bank balances.

Overall, then, let me encourage you to put your prayers for direct money on hold while you firstly pray for other, ultimately better blessings. To begin on the right foot and live a life free of regret, let me encourage you to seek alignment with your Holy Father through what he promises in prayer.

With the college decision in mind, each student should pray for at least the following three items, each of which has a promise of fulfillment in scripture and each of which will impact the way you approach your financial decisions. Continue reading Praying for Income

Chart: The “Big 6” of Post-College Outcomes

Chart: The “Big 6” of Post-College Outcomes

college big 6 breakdown

This data set comes from an incredibly interesting survey of 30,000 graduates done by the pollsters at Gallup. Instead of simply looking at earnings, they dug a little deeper to determine how well off college graduates report faring in terms of a) meaningful engagement in their work, b) the “5 elements” of well-being (purpose, social, financial, community, and physical), c) on-time graduation, and d) preparedness for the workplace. These are the sorts of things college students hope to achieve from the higher education experience, so how do graduates actually fare? Continue reading Chart: The “Big 6” of Post-College Outcomes