Upon Reflection: Changes Coming to College Affordology

Upon Reflection: Changes Coming to collegeaffordology.com

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On 9/27 of this year (2015) this website turned one year old.

One year ago I told myself I’d see how far this College Affordology thing could go, to give it the “old college try,” and see if maybe this little idea could take flight in the broader world. Prior to the website it was confined to local ad-hoc presentations, a pile of marked up articles in a crate, and unread writings on my hard drive. But in my head, usually while dreaming, I could envision a well-traveled and widely discussed website, a best selling book, a sidekick gig with Dave Ramsey, and all sorts of other perfectly reasonable things. Anyway, I determined way back last September I would mark on my calendar the one year point and then reevaluate the project at that time to see if it was worth continued pursuit as an avocational “thing.” Continue reading Upon Reflection: Changes Coming to College Affordology

Chart: Lowest Out of State Tuitions

Chart: Lowest Out of State Tuitions

Lowest OOS Tuition


This chart comes to us via an article in US News and World Report by Delece Smith-Barrow. She has compiled a list of the state schools that charge the least tuition to non-resident students.

Many students, particularly from states like Arizona with a dearth of four-year state schools, still balk at the idea of traveling out of state due to the often large increases in cost for simply crossing a border or two. Then the choice seems fairly binary: go cheaply to an in-state school or break the bank going to a private or out-of-state one. However, as Ms. Smith-Barrow has shown us, this is a false dichotomy.

If one has a desire to attend school out of state (as I certainly did) then one needn’t assume one will pay much higher prices for the privilege. We have 2,500+ four-year degree-conferring institutions in these United States and if you learn nothing else from these pages, learn this: in search of a good, affordable education open up your mental boundaries and do a little exploring. You’ll be all the wiser, and perhaps all the richer, for it.