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Test Drive Before You Buy

Test Drive Before You Buy

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Elsewhere we explored “The Costs of Excess Credits,” or taking more credit hours than necessary toward completion of a degree. One quick and easy way to contend with the rising costs of college is to take as few classes as possible en route to graduation. But what options do we have if we want to explore majors, might need remedial instruction, or just want to take classes for enjoyment?

With other goods like sweaters and cars we can usually try out the product for fit before we pony up funds and commit to its purchase. Unfortunately, the traditional college experience offers very little opportunity to do this. Sure, we can enroll in a class and drop it within a certain time frame for full refund but students who do this will find the registration process onerous, class availability limited, and the pressure to back out within a refund period non-conducive for full exploration.

Fortunately, today’s student has access to top-level classes without the restrictions of geography or seating availability. Further, these classes are usually free and sometimes nominally priced.  Continue reading Test Drive Before You Buy