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Trust Me: Give Thanks




Trust Me: Give Thanks


I have ready many, many articles and books about obtaining scholarships from various sources, but have seen far less said about the proper follow up to won funds. Recently I dove into two scholarship-specific books, one a 400 page masterpiece on the subject which had nothing to say about today’s topic. So hear it from me. To win funds without explicitly and profusely offering thanks in return is to pass up a great opportunity.

Trust me: When you do win a coveted scholarship or receive gifts respond with a well-written, hand-written thank you and at least one follow up note. In fact, go the extra mile and put a to-do on your calendar to write your benefactors again each semester or so. Send along pictures and a synopsis of what you’re getting from your experience, all with an expression of gratitude.

Trust me, this is good practice. But why? Continue reading Trust Me: Give Thanks