Helpful Links

The State/Outlook of Colleges, Students

This is a service that sends you daily emails on topics of your choosing.

This website is geared to professionals within the higher education industry. Great place for inside scoop not found elsewhere by those who will be in charge of your programs.

News aggregator. Be sure to read through to the comments section for “B.S.” call-outs and conversations from the trenches.

Job Market and Income Data

A great general resource for baseline information on careers, including educational requirements, salaries, and employment trends.

The big player on the job listings website block. A great place to go to check out real-time job offers and wage data.

Another job listings website.


Reviewing, Ranking, and Sorting Colleges (all subjective- be sure to review the sources’ criteria and metrics)

The Reviewers:

Also a good “school research service.”


Ratings by students, ratings by odd categories.


 The Sorters:

A bit more customized than most sites, providing guidance based on several levels of a student’s input profile. Also includes quite a bit of information regarding admissions and net costs.

Category filters, ability to search and narrow the search.


Advertised as “by students for students.” From the trenches low-down in many categories.


Geared those interested in Christian school.



College Income

General Financial Aid:




Scholarships and Grants:


The granddaddy of scholarship aggregator and search sites.


The most thorough website devoted to free money without strings I’ve found yet.


For my fellow Prescottonians: Enter “scholarship” in search bar to see who provides them and who wins them locally.


Be sure to sign up for their “education benefits newsletter” for updates by email.


Information about 529s, ESAs, Educational IRAs, etc.

Foundation established by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs to help close the practical skills/jobs gap. Great source of information and scholarships for non-college pursuits such as trade schools and apprenticeships.


College Outgo 

Credit Waiver Tests



One of the bigger players in the textbook market. Operator of 2,500 stores with large online presence. Good source of older editions.

A good resource for foreign edition textbooks. Shop their various overseas affiliates for what you’re looking for.

Cost Research

An organization whose calculator helps declutter the various price mechanisms involved to give you an idea of the true cost to you of whichever college you research.

Another actual cost calculator of 3700 schools of higher education put together by some of the big hitters in the education reporting world.

Free College Courses

From their description: “EdX offers interactive online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities. Online courses from MITx, HarvardX, BerkeleyX, UTx and many other universities.”

Free college courses from over 114 colleges and universities

App. “The world’s largest digital catalog of free education content — right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.”



The art and science of an affordable education