Upon Reflection: Changes Coming to College Affordology

Upon Reflection: Changes Coming to collegeaffordology.com

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On 9/27 of this year (2015) this website turned one year old.

One year ago I told myself I’d see how far this College Affordology thing could go, to give it the “old college try,” and see if maybe this little idea could take flight in the broader world. Prior to the website it was confined to local ad-hoc presentations, a pile of marked up articles in a crate, and unread writings on my hard drive. But in my head, usually while dreaming, I could envision a well-traveled and widely discussed website, a best selling book, a sidekick gig with Dave Ramsey, and all sorts of other perfectly reasonable things. Anyway, I determined way back last September I would mark on my calendar the one year point and then reevaluate the project at that time to see if it was worth continued pursuit as an avocational “thing.”

Overall, I’m happy with the results and am glad for the experience.

That said, a year later it has become obvious that changes are in store for College Affordology. My other duties- as a husband, a parent, a businessman, a church leader, a non-profit board member, a high school coach, a son of ailing parents- also demand my time and attention. A year was a nice run in a worthwhile race, but it’s become obvious I can no longer justify keeping up the pace of things all things considered.

Instead of primarily consisting of twice-weekly posts, I will soon reformat the website to read more like a cross-linked and hyper-linked book for those who want continued access to the information. I will still post to fill in those areas not yet addressed (such as housing and military benefits) but discontinue posting charts and links to outside articles. The Facebook page will probably go dark, though I believe people can still use the “like” and “share” functions on the website to pass info along to friends. And of course, I still love to talk shop, whether in private or to a workshop audience.

A big thank you to those of you who have supported the project- especially Matthew P and Jenny (you know who you are). Hopefully we’ve all learned something so far and will continue to do so.